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Special Engagements

Much of Advantageware is performed under the auspices of non-disclosure agreements.

A major portion of this work has dealt with uncovering and documenting white-collar crime and supporting litigation. Our expert knowledge areas are:  anti-money laundering; tracking the use and changing of employee personal and/or corporate and/or customer confidential data; performing “discovery” and documenting the misuse of actual data and transaction information; reconstruction of an event; identity theft and misuse; misuse of corporate identity and resources; standards and evaluation criteria development; and project management.

All of these engagements require “getting the job done” as quickly as possible while ensuring complete confidentiality, creating the correct audit trail, safeguarding client’s assets and reputation, preventing recurrences, and arriving at a resolution with as little disruption as possible to the regular flow of business.

Our teams of appropriate subject matter experts and technologists work with lawyers, accountants and finance professionals to provide unique approaches to solving complex business matters. Bringing together data analysis techniques with proprietary software and by using advanced investigative techniques, we can identify, seize and analyze information (and secure evidence) located on a computer system or other storage media.

During these engagements, we also review organizational structures and process controls to ensure that the correct people are responsible for the doing the required task at the correct time while using the correct tools and data.

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