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Subject Matter Experts

Dealing with today's complex issues often requires the assistance of specialized expertise. Advantageware has Subject Matter Experts in the following areas:

  • Organizational Realignments
  • Know-Thy-Customer
  • Customer Care and Service Level Agreements
  • Customer Communications
  • Data Privacy and Security (Customer and Corporate)
  • Process Streamlining and Reengineering (i.e.: Back office, Customer Support, Fulfillment, Financial Reconciliation and Reporting, Order Fulfillment, Vendor and Customer Vetting, etc.)
  • Pre and Post Merger/Acquisition Technology Reviews
  • Risk Management and Remediation
  • Technology Reviews, Evaluations and Audits
  • Testing (Application and Process Controls, Security, Privacy)
  • Vetting Processes and Information Sources (Counterparty, Vendor, Clients, Competition)
  • Large-Scale Project Management


Business Solution Delivery
  (Internal or 3rd Party)

Data Auditing
Data Protection (Confidential
   and Regulated)
Data Quality
Proprietary Software
Special Engagements
Subject Matter Experts