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Data Auditing


Advantageware has done this many times, with numerous packaged and  customized software solutions. Over the years,
we have developed our own methodology that ensures success. 

During its 30+ year history, Advantageware has been engaged
to work with public and private corporations, law firms, law enforcement agencies, and individuals on special Data Auditing Projects. These projects have included researching incidents of embezzlement, illegal money transfers, shadow account creation and manipulation, identity theft, etc. It is important to state that because the nature of the work and our contractual obligations, we are not free to disclose the names or details
of most of these projects.

What do we do

We do "what it takes" to find out exactly what is wrong so that we can accurately define and report the problem. Each Data Project is different and must be dealt with according to the exact situation on hand, the imposed time schedule, and specific business, legal, and personal factors.

Our success in uncovering and reporting the exact problem and its impact is careful and quick problem determination. This is not always an easy task, but performing this in a carefully defined way ensures that we cover all bases and communicate status and results.

On all engagements, we work with our clients to first define and document all the symptoms of the problem. We interview staff and review reports and related process media displays to undercover and document the symptoms. Using our checklists and myriad of tools, we examine processes and their related data sources; review software and all related documentation; and run the data through tools to discover the problem's characteristics.

Next, we identify and analyze the actual internal and external data source content and processing to uncover problems and determine weaknesses and strengths. The results of this analysis are reviewed and documented. 

Advantageware also creates (when chartered) recommendations as to how to solve the uncovered problems, a strategy and plan to implement the recommended solution(s) and appropriate on-going measures and audit controls. 

Although our deliverables vary by engagement, in general we:

· Develop a Problem Definition and Impact Analysis
· Deliver Resolution Strategy and Related
  Implementation Plan(s)
· Complete Required Legal and Government Filing Forms
· Provide Status Reports and Deliverable Presentations

The Advantageware project teams are composed of staff with the exact skills and experience to solve the problem at hand. Advantageware is prepared to work with clients as part
of a team or as an independent project team. 

How do we do this

Advantageware's  approach is simple:  get the job done correctly and quickly, providing the necessary supporting documentation and maintaining the confidentiality of all materials and information.

Advantageware uses a structured work approach and solid project management practices that facilitate communication throughout the entire project effort. We also use various proprietary methodologies, techniques, and tools as we carefully work with our clients to define and document the exact data problem. We examine processes, functions, data, and client's business and technology environments. Based upon the nature and scope of the problem, we present our findings and all supporting documentation. If appropriate, we also develop and present a proposed Resolution Strategy and associated tactical level work plans. These are reviewed with the client for concurrence and approval. 



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