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Advantageware's The 21st Sentry (www.the21stsentry.com) is expert at helping its clients respond to heightened scrutiny by government agencies, the public, and others.

Advantageware's The 21st Sentry:

  • Develops Compliance Strategies, Policies and Procedures;
  • Develops and provides specialized training;
  • Delivers Tactical Operational Solutions;
  • Performs Compliance Audits including reviews of human resources policies and processes for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) performance, data privacy of both financial and health data, the latter for a privately insured firm;
  • Provides Independent Reviews of the financial system processes used for reporting results on 10-K’s, 10-Q’s, and other filings;
  • Performs specialized audits and process reviews to ensure compliance with the Patriot’s Act, Sarbaney-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Biley, AML;
  • Performs pre- and post-merger/acquisition SOX Compliance reviews;
  • Performs Remediation Activities on an as-requested basis;
  • Develops and updates compliance controls, documentation and reports;
  • Develops Compliance Data Models and tracking solutions which identify and facilitate the tracking of compliance-related data throughout the organization;
  • Develops Confidential and Regulated Data Protection Models;
  • Supports medical facility and institution efforts to get and stay HIPAA compliant (authored book,  gives seminars, assists with gap analyses, performs remediation, sets up Compliance Programs; and
  • Performed Compliance Staff Recruitment on an as-requested basis.

This work has been performed for brokerage firms, broker-dealers, hedge funds, major public and private corporations, insurers, banks, health-care facility operators, and retailers.



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